My Personal Hostgator Story and Review

Telling to story about my experience with Hostgator is just telling the story of my first failure. I was young and I was dreaming that my blog would change the world and inspire millions of people. I needed to build my website immediately so I instantly searched for some of the best hosting brand to put my content on. Without my own hosting and domain, I knew I would be very limited. It was the “top hosting companies” article that inspired me to get a HostGator account and build my online presence through it.

Choosing a Hostgator plan

When I first landed on the Hostgator’s homepage I saw a lot of different plans with different prices but I didn’t know the actual difference between them. Since the shared hosting plans were the one advertised on the homepage I choose the shared hosting “baby plan”.

Being pumped by the enthusiasm and desire to start building my online presence I started writing a lot. It was like I couldn’t tell enough. I had so many ideas and thoughts in my mind and I wanted to share tell all with the rest of the world. I started writing about anything I would put my thoughts to. After a month or so I had over 40 articles on my blog all longer than 800 words and I wasn’t even thinking about the hosting. Once I set up my domain and have WordPress installed on my cPanel I wasn’t paying much attention to the other stuff like creating ftp accounts or email addresses. After all I didn’t have any audience to be contacted from so I wasn’t worried about that.

After 6 months of working on my social exposure I started getting lot traffic to my blog. It was finally working and even started monetizing this passion. I even started couple of new websites on the same hosting plan from Hostgator which was stating that it will take unlimited domain names and unlimited disk space.

HostGator disk space notice

One of my upcoming blogs started getting a lot of spam comments so eventually it used a lot of the disk space from the shared hosting server. I got an email from HostGator days after the huge amount of comments. In this email they were asking me to delete the comments from my sites. In opposite they would be forced to suspend my account. I didn’t give this email a huge notice and I partially ignored the words in it. After a month I read the same email again and I realized that this could actually be very dangerous for my hosting account state. If I didn’t took any measures to delete the comments I was risking to lose all data, posts, images and everything I worked on for the past 6 months. My visitors, my traffic and subscribers, they’ll all notice my site being down and I was at risk of losing the audience that I needed 6 months of hard work to gather.

The morning I didn’t saw coming

One day, waking up in front of my laptop as usual I try checking my stats on WordPress when I noticed that my site was down. I went back to sleep thinking that I had some downtime problems on that specific domains. After all, this was very usual to happen once in few weeks. I tried opening my other site when I noticed that it was down too. I didn’t know what exactly was going on so I tried contacting my Hostgator support team for some assistance. After waiting for few minutes for the chat support channel I finally got my answer. They were saying that due to using too much space on my server they needed to suspend my account until I upgrade.

I lost all my data

This is how I lost most of my data that I forgot to upgrade. It was a total disaster for me and didn’t know what to do. After couple of email tickets I managed to save my data and I upgraded my account to a VPS hosting plan.

The point of this post

The point here is that not knowing what plan fits for your blog could destroy your online presence. Be carefull when choosing a plan from Hostgator and if you run a very profitable and serious website make sure to avoid the shared hosting plans. This is my honest advice for you.

Before choosing a plan from Hostgator make sure to learn more about their plans and their capacity. BlogMakingSchool has an interesting Hostgator review that explains all of this matter. Below is the link for the review by BlogMakingSchool.

HostGator Review: An Extended Overview of All Features

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Ways Your Business Can Save Money

The recession today has become very evident and it lets people feel more and more intricate to search for effective ways to save money. This is true for all types of people and businesses. Products are increasing in price, which means the costs of manpower are rising as well. In the end, businesses usually find themselves producing much less profit as compared to how much they normally did. This will eventually result to a significant problem for businesses at the end of the day.

That is why today, it is even more significant than ever to conduct some comprehensive research and search for ways in order for your business to save money. A lot of businesses are making the same mistake of blaming their loss to the torment economy without even trying to identify the solutions to rectify the problems. Never be one of these businesses because there are definitely lots of ways you can do to save for your business.

  • Hire A Professional Yet Reasonable Parcel Delivery Company

Saving money for your business has a lot of ways. These ways include getting some assistance from a reliable parcel delivery company if you are working in both local and international market. For example, you are dealing with parcel UK to Germany. It will be very expensive if you will do the job yourself. So, make sure to look for a better and cheaper resort of hiring a professional that, aside from guaranteeing a safe delivery of your goods, will also make sure that there is no damage or additional expense you never want to have.

  • Deal With Your Sales

If you’re in a sales business, it is then the perfect time to produce huge sales. It is not necessary to lessen your stock’s price in order to completely not create any profit. You simply need to make the profit on its minimum. It might sound too much, yet the minimum profit sounds better than no profit at all. You have to begin acquiring some of your money back by offering your products at the much affordable price compared to your competitors.

  • Use The Internet

When using your website, it is a good idea to promote your products in it as well. Marketing your products through the internet means that you will save more on your advertising costs. For instance, you are offering international couriers, how do you expect to promote them through traditional marketing methods? Traditional ads mean higher expenses on your promotions, so make sure to always look at the better revenue offered by internet use. For better marketing results, you may try to use some affordable paid promotional services, which will be very useful and beneficial for your business.

  • Paperless

Paperless means you will not print receipts for your customers, but instead you will have those sent to them through emails. Printing any forms of paperwork should be placed on its minimum, as they are just additional expenses for the business. For important documents, you may save them on drives securely and protectively, saving not only money but also your office space.

If you really want to save money for your business, you will consider everything just to do so. Hence, make sure to keep the tips mentioned above in mind to work with your goal.

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South Africa’s food melting pot

A South African meal commemorates the nation’s rich social and cultural ancestry, along with benefitting from the natural bounty of fish and shellfish, game and edible plants. All these delicious South African foods need to be washed down with something. South African wine has actually been receiving rave reviews in the last 20 years since re-admission to the global wine market.


South African citizens are truly blessed. The Republic of SA has a very lengthy and diverse shoreline providing the population with an amazing quantity of fish and shellfish; with its very fertile soil and fantastic climate, combining to generate a massive variety of agricultural products. Our multi-cultural past has given us a population with that very diverse culture feeling that can only be described as a rainbow nation feeling.

While you visiting South African you will obviously discover an array of dining establishments and bistros offering anything from sushi to burgers, but for this article let us concentrate on African specialties.

Our fish and shellfish are legendary and sold worldwide at exorbitant prices. It is best tried out at one of many Western Cape – outdoor restaurants – which is very little more than a shanty shelter on a beach. Here fish stew, mussels, smoked fish on the coals and traditional South African lobster can be eaten. You may also be offered pickled fish – a well-liked meal which you will sometimes find at some of the many typical Cape Malay dining establishments in Cape Town.

Various other Cape-Malay specialties including spicy-fruity curries that are normally not too overpowering, smoorsnoek (similar to the kedgeree fish), koeksister (a very sweet, syrupy surprise), bobotie, and some other Indian specialties, such as samosas and rotis, with a regional twist can be found at these dining estrablisments.

South African cuisine is really multicultural, and no place is it more noticeable than at a common typical South African braai or barbeque for our American readers. Now the traditional braai are thought to be the sole-domain of the Afrikaner guy, however it may not be so straightforward.

Yes, there is a remarkable quantity of meat on the braai, most notably the famous Afrikaner boerewors (fat and spicy sausage), but you will also find sosaties. The sosatie can only be described as a curried meat kebab, almost like an Indonesian satay, which was brought to South African by the Malay people centuries ago.

BoereworsfromSouthAfricaAnd obviously, no South African braai is complete without some sous and pap, which is the staple diet regimen of most men and women in Africa. Pap is like a maize porridge formula but much stiffer than normal porridge. It normally comes with a relish which is called sous, it consist of veggies – generally onion and tomato and other herbs.

You should be able to get the chance to try out these foods at one of many African social or cultural events or maybe at one of many African dining establishments which are spread across the country.

And, naturally, all these foods have to be washed down with something. South Africans are ale and draft beer drinkers, and no traditional South African braai is ever complete without the magical brown fluid. For first time visitors it is worth trying out the thick, low-alcohol, nourishing African beer, from using sorghum and maize. However absolutely nothing can beat a great wine from the Cape region – a remarkable wine-growing area for over 300 years.

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Various Types Of Posters In Toronto

If you’re looking to create posters in Toronto, then you have several options to consider. Posters are often used for varied purposes such as informing and advertising, and therefore fall into several different classifications. With each type having its own unique features, its important to know the exact kind of poster you want printed.

Subject posters

Subject color posters are also very common and usually have a specific subject as the main centerpiece of the design. They can be band posters displaying some kind of musical ensemble, or artist posters showing off a popular artist. These types of posters are usually printed and sold for a target group of people or fans. Since some people may collect them, subject posters are sometimes referred to as special collectors edition posters. They have great designs and are often of higher quality than other posters. In addition, they are displayed in personal rooms or offices.

Affirmation posters

These types of posters in Toronto feature inspiring and motivational sayings. They can contain beautiful pictures or even Bible verses along with some kind of affirming slogan to keep the reader motivated, inspired, comforted or cheered up. You can print affirmation posters as a present for your friends or other people, or else sell them as novelty items. Like subject posters, these kinds of posters are often displayed in offices or personal rooms.

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Start Trading With Technical Analysis To Boost Your Wealth

The one thing that you will soon discover is that there is no secret formula to making money. If you want to generate wealth then you will have to increase the value of your investment capital over time. It is that simple. Of course this is not as easy as it sounds. To do so quickly involves taking risks. However if you don’t take the risks then you are unlikely to generate the returns. A catch 22 situation that you will need to come to terms with if you want to make money.

If you want to take risks there are a number of approaches that you can take. There are many markets that you invest in an attempt to increase your capital. Stocks and shares offer one solution while Forex another. In fact the Forex markets are proving to be one of the most popular these days. There are several methods and technique that you can use to increase you money .

Technical analysis is just one of the many techniques that you can employ to trade the markets with Forex. It involves the study of historical data and market trends to plot a path of where the market is likely to head in the future. Many people are keen to use the wide range of indicators that are available. Popular indicators and concepts include Forex Mean Reversion, Moving Averages and Trend trading.

Each indicator has its merits and will have to be properly learnt if you want to have a chance of making a good return from your efforts. However with a bit of practice on your demo account you will soon learn what works and what doesn’t. Then once you have master using these indicators you can move to your live account and start using them to make yourself some money.

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