2014 Online Tax Filing Options

Paying to file your taxes may seem like the ultimate irony for many people, and the search to find free tax preparation and online tax filing options may be at the top of your list of things to do at tax time as well. A good online tax filing service will allow you to verify allowable deductions, determine your tax liability, and address questions regarding property ownership and investment income. H&R Block and Turbo Tax offer many options for taxpayers, and a careful review of their online tax filing editions can help you get the most appropriate software at the best price.

Turbo Tax may cost more, but many taxpayers appreciate the exceptional customer service that comes with online tax filing with Turbo Tax. The Turbo Tax Deluxe version is their most popular edition for individuals seeking to maximize deductions. The Premier edition is designed for investments and rental property, the Home and Business version for consultants, independent contractors, and the self-employed, and the Business edition is designed for corporations. The prices may range from $50 to $160, and each edition includes free electronic filing.

H&R Block may be appropriate for most people, and the Basic edition is good for simple tax scenarios and beginning taxpayers. The Deluxe edition builds on the Basic edition by addressing the concerns of homeowners and investors, and the Premium edition includes assistance with rental income and expenses, Schedule C guidance, and advanced tax calculation as needed. The Premium and Business edition helps small business owners prepare and file tax returns for corporations, partnerships, LLCs, and various estate, trust and non-profit entities. The cost may range from $20 to $80, and free federal electronic filing is included as well.

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