Balancing The Benefits And Risks Of Lap Band Surgery

Weight loss surgery is a purely restrictive procedure in which the amount of food consumed by the obese patient is radically reduced by placing the band on the stomach. In lap band weight loss surgery, the band divides the stomach into two sections, an upper stomach pouch that will function as a new stomach and a lower as a redundant stomach. Many obese patients prefer this type of surgery because of its simplicity. It is therefore, offered at many places across the world.

Before considering the surgery, the risks and benefits of the surgery should be analyzed first. Below is a short analysis of this type of surgery.

Lap band procedure is reversible. The normal stomach can be regained after sometimes by removing the band from the patients body. But, the decision of reversing this procedure is done only in extreme cases. This surgery is a serious medical practice.

1. Many clinical studies have found that lap band procedure to be potentially safe and effective.

2. Lap band procedure is adjustable and reversible. In this procedure, the size of the stomach pouch can be adjusted as per the patient's requirement by the help of an access port.

3.No mal-absorption symptoms are found in these surgeries.

4.According to Health Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgeons, this procedure is associated with a low mortality rate.

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