My Personal Hostgator Story and Review

Telling to story about my experience with Hostgator is just telling the story of my first failure. I was young and I was dreaming that my blog would change the world and inspire millions of people. I needed to build my website immediately so I instantly searched for some of the best hosting brand to put my content on. Without my own hosting and domain, I knew I would be very limited. It was the “top hosting companies” article that inspired me to get a HostGator account and build my online presence through it.

Choosing a Hostgator plan

When I first landed on the Hostgator’s homepage I saw a lot of different plans with different prices but I didn’t know the actual difference between them. Since the shared hosting plans were the one advertised on the homepage I choose the shared hosting “baby plan”.

Being pumped by the enthusiasm and desire to start building my online presence I started writing a lot. It was like I couldn’t tell enough. I had so many ideas and thoughts in my mind and I wanted to share tell all with the rest of the world. I started writing about anything I would put my thoughts to. After a month or so I had over 40 articles on my blog all longer than 800 words and I wasn’t even thinking about the hosting. Once I set up my domain and have WordPress installed on my cPanel I wasn’t paying much attention to the other stuff like creating ftp accounts or email addresses. After all I didn’t have any audience to be contacted from so I wasn’t worried about that.

After 6 months of working on my social exposure I started getting lot traffic to my blog. It was finally working and even started monetizing this passion. I even started couple of new websites on the same hosting plan from Hostgator which was stating that it will take unlimited domain names and unlimited disk space.

HostGator disk space notice

One of my upcoming blogs started getting a lot of spam comments so eventually it used a lot of the disk space from the shared hosting server. I got an email from HostGator days after the huge amount of comments. In this email they were asking me to delete the comments from my sites. In opposite they would be forced to suspend my account. I didn’t give this email a huge notice and I partially ignored the words in it. After a month I read the same email again and I realized that this could actually be very dangerous for my hosting account state. If I didn’t took any measures to delete the comments I was risking to lose all data, posts, images and everything I worked on for the past 6 months. My visitors, my traffic and subscribers, they’ll all notice my site being down and I was at risk of losing the audience that I needed 6 months of hard work to gather.

The morning I didn’t saw coming

One day, waking up in front of my laptop as usual I try checking my stats on WordPress when I noticed that my site was down. I went back to sleep thinking that I had some downtime problems on that specific domains. After all, this was very usual to happen once in few weeks. I tried opening my other site when I noticed that it was down too. I didn’t know what exactly was going on so I tried contacting my Hostgator support team for some assistance. After waiting for few minutes for the chat support channel I finally got my answer. They were saying that due to using too much space on my server they needed to suspend my account until I upgrade.

I lost all my data

This is how I lost most of my data that I forgot to upgrade. It was a total disaster for me and didn’t know what to do. After couple of email tickets I managed to save my data and I upgraded my account to a VPS hosting plan.

The point of this post

The point here is that not knowing what plan fits for your blog could destroy your online presence. Be carefull when choosing a plan from Hostgator and if you run a very profitable and serious website make sure to avoid the shared hosting plans. This is my honest advice for you.

Before choosing a plan from Hostgator make sure to learn more about their plans and their capacity. BlogMakingSchool has an interesting Hostgator review that explains all of this matter. Below is the link for the review by BlogMakingSchool.

HostGator Review: An Extended Overview of All Features

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