Staying On Track Of Staying Active At Work

It may seem hard to implement moving more at work but it is simple once you make them habits. Reteach yourself how to act at work and maybe your actions will motivate others to do the same. Through repeated acts, you will form a good habit of staying active at work. There are various ways of doing this and all it takes is a little bit of consciousness and will power.

Keep It In Mind

Remind yourself why you are doing it. Keep track of the main goal. While understanding that these small actions will eventually get you there.

Every little bit counts. No action is too small, every time you commit to doing something, do it. Moving more at work no matter how simple it may seem will add to your overall good.

It will keep your body more active. When you get out of work you are probably usually tired. Just think of what you did all day. According to physics, A body at rest stays at rest. An object in motion stays in motion. If you are sitting all day and go home, thats what youll feel like doing and vice versa. Stay active and when you get home you will continue doing so.

The more deliberate we are in our actions, and trying to stay active, the better we will do. The benefits arent just better circulation and better focus, but you can actually lose weight by just standing up. Studies have shown that people who regularly use an Anthro stand up desk burn more calories than people who are sitting. This is the case because standing takes balance. Your body constantly readjusts, which causes muscles to flex and calories to be burned. This can be accelerated with more movements like taking breaks, visiting the bathroom, or going for a quick walk during downtime. The Antho's Blog blog is a great resource in tips on how to move more at work.

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