The Best and Natural Way To Cure Your Indigestion

Most often, indigestion is commonly known as heartburn and dyspepsia. Generally, those affected would have a feeling of fullness and discomfort following a meal, and sometimes it has this burning and pain sensation on the upper part of the stomach. Most symptoms include bloating, gas, abdominal pain, sometimes even accompanied by nausea and vomiting. This is an extremely common problem which affects all gender and age, but its more prominent for those who have high alcohol consumption, who are under stress, or are consuming high fatty foods.

No one wants to have the feeling of indigestion frequently, so here are some proven tips and suggestions on how you can cure this without buying over the counter medications right away.

Avoid lying flat on your back and elevate your head to decrease acid reflux. Since indigestion is attributed to poor eating habits, try to avoid eating late during the day. Have a fixed schedule and take the time to finish your meals. Eating on the run can actually affect your digestive system, causing indigestion to happen. Enjoy chewing your food and try to savor every bite of it.

Consume a lot of fibre daily. This is what most of us tend to neglect. Since majority consume a lot of fast foods and processed foods, replacing it with healthier options will give a significant improvement in ones digestion. Opt for fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts. Limit the amount of food that create gas such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and soft drinks. Drink a lot of water, around 8 to 10 glasses per day to prevent constipation and to help you digest your foods easily.

You can lessen the pain of indigestion by combining a list of spices and herbs such as a teaspoonful of fennel, anise, dill, and caraway seeds and by chewing this half teaspoon at a time. A cup of mint or chamomile can also greatly calm your feeling of indigestion. Lemon balm tea is another herb for calming your nerves and digestive system.

Look for the spice Turmeric curcumin or turmeric curcumin tablets, because it has been proven to be a powerful cure for indigestion problems such as dyspepsia and other digestive problems. You can purchase Turmeric supplements which are pure and all natural, since its also known to cure other forms of ailments and is a great source of antioxidant to fight a host of diseases.

And if any of the above does not provide immediate relief, or if you are still experiencing constant pain for a longer period of time, then its time to head over to your doctor for a more accurate diagnosis of your condition.

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